Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off to Sicily

Skrew you guys.. im going to Sicily!

Awsome news, a mate came up to me yesterday and sayed that a flight to Sicily and back would only const 90euros... so we went ahead and bought two tickets. Leaving friends, family, roommate, university and everything behind and chiiling in the sun for about a week.^^

So.. I probably wont have internet.. Hope i have a room^^
and I wont be posting here for a week.
also this:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nostalgia and PAIN

The Komputerspielemuseum Berlin was opened in n 1997, was the world's first permanent exhibition devoted to digital interactive entertainment culture. It houses a huge variety of software, hardware, expeditions and experiments.

The “Pain Station” is a rather interesting variation of (the o so classical) Pong. A major difference is that the players get punished for letting the ball through. Punishments vary between electro shocks, heat, and whip slaps to the hand… You get very good, very fast. Trust me^^

Its really worth a visit, if you are in Berlin.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Summer, the season for poi

sadly not me :D

So yeah, Summer is back. Well not yet totally, but its getting there. While looking for swimming trunks I found my old fire poi and had and urge to start playing again... ended up smashing my guitar off the wall.

Anyway, the point im trying to make here is that people spend way too much time infront of the computer. And that having other (non-digital) hobbies is healthy. Poi & fire-poi is an awsome one. If I manage not to kill myself, ill post a compilation of some of amazing tricks.
Enjoy the summer girls/guys!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off Topic... Musik, its awsome!

"If I was" Young Rebel Set 

Obviously games and game design only take up a part of my life. Another large piece of my free time is dedicated to music… Don’t think I need to explain why, All humans have a genetically programmed weakness for music (one type or another).
Anyway, so recently Iv really been getting into “Young Rebel Set”, a young band that makes amazing music. When I mate told me that they were playing here, in Berlin I was the happiest little mutherphucker on the block. Came home, checked my internet’s, and my despair was great when I saw that all the tickets had already been sold…
Depressing ending to a joy filled day. Anyway, I haven’t given up yet... Tomorrow I’ll go over to the joint where the gigs going to be, and I’ll ask who id have to sleep with to get me those tickets.
*hoping it’s not the bouncer!
Never the less, I hope you guys enjoy the band as much as I do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Free Alternative

A screenshot of the open source program "Blender".

Many people believe that you need software for thousands of Euros (or Dollars) to produce quality game. Luckily this is not necessarily true anymore, there are multiple open source projects that enable one to work in 2d, 3d, coding, animation, etc… for free. This is useful because it allows people to test out many directions of game design or other creative directions.
The most important open source projects are “Open Office”, a free alternative to “Microsoft Office”, instead of “3ds Max” or “Maya” one can use “Blender”. And there are hundreds of free editors for coding. If in doubt, just quickly goggle for the type of program you´re looking for an alternative for.
I also found that the community surrounding open source projects are usually very open, friendly and are quick to answer questions one might have on the program.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photographs of Gamers

Photos by Phil Toledano

Sorry, I was a little busy over the last few days. Hence, this post will also be relativly short;
We, at least most of us, know that games can be very emotional If well designed. Good character design lets us get close to the characters in the game world, and we often find ourselves laughing and crying with or for them. Other games test our patience, and it is not unheard of that (especially young males) have violent outbursts of rage.
A photographer, that goes by the name of Phil Toledano, decided to capture some of these emotions and took Pictures of people gaming. The photos can be seen here, and his other work is also interesting.