Saturday, March 5, 2011

The angle that im coming from

The first post; The perfect opportunity to introduce myself and describe the disorderedly mess which I refer to as my life. Not that I’m remarkably keen on sharing my personal Information with a multitude of strangers on the internet’s, but this might just give you -  the reader-  an insight to my train of thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
Being and young male, born roughly at the same time the Berlin wall came down, my childhood was strongly influenced by interactive digital media. aka the computer game. But unlike many others in my age group, who thoughtlessly consumed game after game, I took a critical stand fairly early. Often I was disappointed by flaws and inconstancies in the games and analyzed how game play mechanics, character developments, and stories could be improved.
Currently I am studying computer game design, and living my personal dream. The subject, in all its complexity and opportunity, still amazes me on a near to daily basis. For those of you, who are not 100% sure what to imagine when they hear the term game design, this is a basic list of the main professions we get to work as/with: (concept) artists, programmers, 3d artist, textures’, voice actors, animators, authors for story and dialogues, web-designers, level designers, composers, testers and many more.
Each... well most of the jobs listed above amaze me and I now appreciate how these professions when working together in a team can create beautiful, powerful, fun, exiting and/or meaningful pieces of art.
The only downside I’m currently facing is that the day only has 24 hours, and realistically  speaking ill probably only be able to specialize myself into one major direction. Currently I’m still deciding between programming, 2d concept art and 3dmodeling. Although lately, iv taken a strong liking to programming; Somehow I find it meditative how everything can be broken down to logical building blocks.
Anyway, to close the narrative circle; this is the reason, I’ll probably be writing about a multitude of topics from a multiple of angles, all of which will probably be related to the design aspect of computer games.


  1. Looking forward to an update. I'll be following your blog!

  2. nice angle. very unique

  3. Great, looking forward to more.

  4. Computer Game Design is a tough field to break into, good luck with it man!

  5. Yeah, i bet Computer Game Design is hard also :O
    Good luck!

  6. I wish I had such goals but that's just me. Good intro and I hope read more on your adventures in the future!