Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Free Alternative

A screenshot of the open source program "Blender".

Many people believe that you need software for thousands of Euros (or Dollars) to produce quality game. Luckily this is not necessarily true anymore, there are multiple open source projects that enable one to work in 2d, 3d, coding, animation, etc… for free. This is useful because it allows people to test out many directions of game design or other creative directions.
The most important open source projects are “Open Office”, a free alternative to “Microsoft Office”, instead of “3ds Max” or “Maya” one can use “Blender”. And there are hundreds of free editors for coding. If in doubt, just quickly goggle for the type of program you´re looking for an alternative for.
I also found that the community surrounding open source projects are usually very open, friendly and are quick to answer questions one might have on the program.