Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off Topic... Musik, its awsome!

"If I was" Young Rebel Set 

Obviously games and game design only take up a part of my life. Another large piece of my free time is dedicated to music… Don’t think I need to explain why, All humans have a genetically programmed weakness for music (one type or another).
Anyway, so recently Iv really been getting into “Young Rebel Set”, a young band that makes amazing music. When I mate told me that they were playing here, in Berlin I was the happiest little mutherphucker on the block. Came home, checked my internet’s, and my despair was great when I saw that all the tickets had already been sold…
Depressing ending to a joy filled day. Anyway, I haven’t given up yet... Tomorrow I’ll go over to the joint where the gigs going to be, and I’ll ask who id have to sleep with to get me those tickets.
*hoping it’s not the bouncer!
Never the less, I hope you guys enjoy the band as much as I do.


  1. yeah nice and easy. i dunno if id put it at the top of my playlist though

  2. Loving the arrangements of this song :D

  3. Thats some beautiful acoustic guitar <3