Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photographs of Gamers

Photos by Phil Toledano

Sorry, I was a little busy over the last few days. Hence, this post will also be relativly short;
We, at least most of us, know that games can be very emotional If well designed. Good character design lets us get close to the characters in the game world, and we often find ourselves laughing and crying with or for them. Other games test our patience, and it is not unheard of that (especially young males) have violent outbursts of rage.
A photographer, that goes by the name of Phil Toledano, decided to capture some of these emotions and took Pictures of people gaming. The photos can be seen here, and his other work is also interesting.


  1. Look up photos of Greg Fields. hilarious.

  2. That first one looks like me.

  3. I dont think anybody looks like this while playing games. Unless their computer just exploded or something.

  4. I have seen my friend explode in CoD and look like most of those before. But yeah, I dunno I usually have a blank stare I think... Maybe I don't who knows

  5. haha, awesome! may i repost this on my blog? :D