Thursday, April 7, 2011

3d Gaming, The future of Gaming?

After a few major films in 3d (Avatar etc...) came out over the last few years, games are staring off in the same direction. New 3d ready Monitors, the Playstation 3, the nintendo 3ds... It seems like the industry is ready for the leap into 3d gaming.
Personally I have my doubts tho; After half an hour of playing my eyes felt like I was bleading tears and I nearly puked on my couch. Most of my friends (although not as exteme), had similar experiences.
I feel like it will take at least a few years till 3d games will be affordable and enjoyable...


  1. Woahh.... that picture is amazing.

    The more I stare at it, the more 3d it looks 0_o

    I know that's the point, but still....

  2. I think 3D is just a huge gimmick. It will grow tired eventually.

  3. The 3DS surely impressed me, so we'll see what 3D will offer us in the future :D

  4. Pretty soon everything will be 3D.

  5. the picture is amazing and I think yeah the 3D will be everything soon +followed

  6. I'm pretty sure 3D won't happen. Sounds boring and motion sickness will get me haha.

  7. ok that gif looked more 3D to me then avatar did....It's a giant Gimmick and could POSSIBLY be utilised as a medium of story telling/game software eventually. at the minute it's still just oh look thats in the FOREground a bit more and thats all the way BAAAACK there.

    fun while it lasts but pretty sure i'm in the 12% who can't even see 3D anyway. either that or all the 3d films i've seen have been shite.