Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rushed Games, Buggy Games...

On the 28 on June 2008 Blizzard entertainment announced that they were going to release a third part to the Diablo series. Until now, nearly 3 years later they still have not expressed a release date. When asked, all employs give the same answer; “It will be released, when it is finished.”

Diablo III trailer

Because of this approach Blizzards game end up highly polished, very balanced, and only a handful of small bugs. Yet this approach is a luxury that only a small handful of developers have. Many smaller publishers have a limited amount of money and do not have a constant income source (such as World of Warcraft) and are forced to bring out games early…
The result is often a buggy mess, that has to be patched 30 times before it runs smoothly. In most cases, it would have been a wiser decision to fund the project for a few more months, to ensure that the end result is a working product. A buggy game only leads to frustrated players and low return… Everyone loses.

Buggy Cows in Gothic 3
yea ok... somtimes bugs are funny to^^


  1. I can't wait til Diablo 3 comes out. It's going to be awesome because blizzard is doing their best :D

  2. I want to be a game tester. That's a really fun job.

  3. I can't read the picture haha, but I'm excited!

  4. I like the cow. Looks like it has 5 heads. Pretty funny. Ha ha.. :)

  5. Coming... Whenever Blizzard feels the stars are in line.