Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sony Playstaion Hack (part II) – the mistakes made

When I entered my university this morning, I was greeted be loud cursing. My Professor, who is also a prominent game tester and reviewer had just found out that with his stolen personal data from the Playstation network, his Facebook had been hacked and his passwords had been changed…

Currently, Sony is advising everyone with a Playstation network account to change all passwords which are similar to the one used in the network… sounds logical?  This is actually kind of a big deal though! This means that Sony has been saving all the data in raw format, not encrypting it in any way!

Its crazy (in my humble opinion) to save 70million users information on one database, in one location without encrypting at least the important information like passwords and credit card information! If they would have taken the time to do this, the hackers would have to have first decrypted 70 million accounts, which would have given the effected players sufficient time to take action... block accounts, and cards. 

Another thing I heard, although I have not verified this yet, is that the ‘external intrusion’ took multiple days, maybe even a week. If this is true, then Sony really messed up in my eyes. If the database is threatened, I would have been wiser to take it down for a day or two and examine potential weak and entry points… Now the network is down, the data has been stolen, and the first customers are already suing… 

Hopefully the gaming Industry learned some things for the future.
Good luck getting through the coming shitstorm Sony.


  1. Wow ... facebook account hacked :/ but I really think they will learn from this *hope*



    Peas out. :P

  3. these things happen, hopefully nothing comes from it.

  4. Damn.. now that I know that the passwords are being tried out now, I have just changed all my passwords to email / ebay / facebook / paypal etc... thanks for the info

  5. wow,sony better give everyone free game systems for life to users that got hacked!

  6. Cant believe their just trying to brush this off like it wasnt their fault

  7. AHAhahahahah! Oh man Sony failed.

  8. 70 million people... this shit's crazy, there's too many retards who arent carefull with there personal information online, too many companies not taking enough precaution to protect people. Shit like this makes you wonder about the future of the internet

  9. Despite not using the Playstation network I couldn't help but come across this story lately. It's terrible that such a large company have not taken precautions for such measures. That much personal information is a very big deal.