Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sound Design - Not always bad

"Gothic 3" main theme

In hindsight, I now see that my review of sound design in computer games was very negative. In the following post, I’d like to clarify that there are some amazing sound designs out there. A great example is the “Gothic” games which have some of the most atmospheric music I’ve ever heard…

Story Time: While playing Gothic 3 a while back, I was running just around the world, no major quest or epic battle. While striding through endless fresh green meadows, my mother comes in and asks me: “I didn’t know you listened to music like this! Who is the artist?” hehe.
I actually have the full soundtrack, because I bought the special edition box of the game, so I was able to give her the CD. Now randomly, once a month or so, I hear the “Gothic 3” soundtrack coming from her room. :)

Anyway, Im getting off topic. After all, I just wanted to say that there are many games that have actually put a lot of work into sound design, and the result is often… beautiful!
Some of my favorite Game soundtracks are from “Gothic”, “Morowind (Elder Scrolls)”, “Final Fantasy 8”, “Zelda”, “Xenogears”, “Hitman”. “Still Alive” from Portal also rocks!

"Gothic 3" Soundtrack on Amazon


  1. i completely agree with you. Music and SFX can make or break a game. Some of my favorites would be Oblivion, Little Big Planet, Spyro, and FF IX. Among others.

  2. yeah audio is imperative for my approval

  3. Love the soundtracks you picked here. My favorites have to be Zelda, Fable, Final Fantasy VII, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Oblivion I'm forgetting a lot of them >_<

  4. i didn't think your last post was bad :O

  5. @t Jay:
    Kai Rosenkranz is the musical mastermind behing the Gothic 3 soundtrack. He is "backed by a full symphony orchestra, as well as Hollywood vocalist Lisbeth Scott.."

  6. Morrowind theme is best theme.

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  8. Played the game. The soundscapes are amazing!

  9. Great music. Might have to look more into this game