Monday, May 30, 2011

Concept artwork: The Witcher 2

Everyone in the game design knows the importance of concept art, and how it visualizes the mood for the game and is vital for creating a convincing setting. I just browsed through the concept artwork of the Witched 2 and am honestly impressed. The level of detail and though put into the concepts is amazing(!). The levels, rooms and all objects are graphically well designed, but also logically functional. It shows that the concept artist has a solid knowledge of physics and engineering, of history, and has a brilliant and creative mind!

Check out all the artwork here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crysis 2 Engine Powers U.S. Army Training Simulator

The U.S. Army has adopted Crytek's CryEngine 3, the engine behind the company's Crysis 2, for a military virtual training simulation called Dismounted Soldier, it was announced this week.full article at GAMASUTRA

Its fairly common that military around the world use game engines as combat simulators. It’s been done before, and I don’t think they will stop in near future. The question (I ask myself) is, is it ethical?
It annoys me that people use ‘games’ to train the killing of real people. For me, this is clearly not the purpose of a game! Games are created to entertain, and there should be a clear line between the fictional game world and Reality.
On the other hand, the military claims; Because of being comfortable with the given environments and having better reflexes, soldiers trained with games are less likely to shoot civilians.  

One more chunk of thought food:
… If the military uses shooters to train soldiers, what is the effect on ‘normal’ people playing First Person Shooter video games? Would the U.S. military really invest $57M if there was no effect?

Enjoy the weekend girls & guys,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paranoia, Stupidity and Ponies

No informative post this time, just a silly story.
All this talk about hackers, scammers, and stealing data must have made me a bit paranoid. I recently used CC (CrapClearen, a program to get rid of junk date on your Pc to make it run faster again) which also removed all my online passwords.
So when I was prompted to enter account and password on blogger I failed. Although I was 100% certain about my password, I just couldn’t get in somehow.

My first though: “Hackers!, their probably after my… um, my post... or words... or I don’t know! But it’s probably them“
It seriously took me an hour that instead of “jacob“, id entered “jecob” into the account field :D
And so, the day was saved.

Like I sayed, I have no time for an informative chunk of juicy tips, new or other information.. So I hope you like this presentation on the physical improbabilities in my little pony.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hackers on the rise

The German Police just released the annual crime report. And it looked good, Germany is seeing the lowest crime rates since the unification 20 years ago. Yay Germany.

But Police also warned the press and people that online crime is on a steady rise!
And I think this is a global trend. Many people falsely believe that if the have a good enough antivirus program they are untouchable, which sadly is not the case. In most online scams people are threatened, or blackmailed (of something they often did not do) and are often to ashamed to admit it afterwards.

Be smart out there, the internet just isn’t what it used to be...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Computergame Piracy

Hello Internet,
Today I will NOT talk about computergame piracy! Goat on a Stick recently made a post on this topic which reminded me of it impotance...

So now you ask;"why wont I address the topic?" Because the team at 'the Escapist' made a short clip about this a few weeks back. And it is better researched, funnier and more awsome than my post could ever be.
So, without any further delay, I present you the Escapist: Piracy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

PSN Crackers starting to use stolen Data!

Recently the Playstation Network was hacked. You know this, mainly from reading my blog (:D) but it was also in the news.
Anyhow, I looks like the data was sold on, or is being used by the hackers to systematically trick people into giving their money to the hackers. A fellow Blogger, “Thirteen Cats” just posted that he got a fishy e-mail asking for his Bank information, because oviously he had to pay a ‘tax refund’.

Check out his post, its quit entertaining the way he dealt with the hackers^^.

But seriously girls and guys; Don’t fall for these tricks, Don’t give away personal or Bank information, and ask a professional before  submitting any data in the internet (or else ware).
I know that in Germany we have the Verbrauchershutz (state consumer protection) and a devision in the police that can be contacted in case of e-mails like this. Check if you have something like thios in your country, or city. Better off safe, than dirt poor!

Stay safe,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever comming out

Hello fellow bloggers,
As a few of you might have already heard, “Duke Nukem Forever” is finished and will be in stores on the 10th of June 2011. Why is this a big deal? Why is this any different to all the other games that flood the market every day you ask? 

The answer is simple; The game was officially announced in 1997, shortly after its predecessor “Duke Nukem 3d” came out. This game took over a decade to produce(!). Reasons for its delay were the change in Technology, funding problems, human error… anyhow, in 2009 Gearbox Software (the makers of Borderlands) took over the production from  3D Realms and it seems they got the job done.

So, here it is… after 14 years in the making;  Duke Nukem Forever
Oh, and don’t bother with the it took ‘Forever’ wordplay… Its been used by eyeryone :)