Monday, May 9, 2011

Game Engines - UDK

After I talked about Unity3d in my last post, I felt that I should also clarify some things. I love Unity, but it is not always the best solution for all typed of games! Unity is great, because it  so flexible. If however you, or your team, are out to make a first person shooter for example… Its probably a lot easier to use Epics Unreal Development Kit, or UDK for short. 

UDK realtime demo

It’s also a powerful engine, with a strong structure already installed. If working with it, you wouldn’t have to worry about coding weapons, vehicles, teams and a lot of the UI. The engine basically has an amazing first person shooter framework integrated and can save you a lot of time, money and programmers if this is the path you´ve chosen.
Downloading the engine is free, and I think you can make up to 7,500$ without a problem. But as soon as you go over that threshold it gets really expensive for you and your team. So its useful for student projects and the like.
Hope this post was helpful.


  1. Awesome post man! Keep blogging cause this is great!

  2. wow, didn't know it was free. :)

  3. been a fan of unreal since i was a kid!

  4. so many options and choices. guess I'll ask some questions
    1. for ones first project do you recommend going solo or working on a team?
    2. do you think it is important to do mod work first before making a new ip?
    3. how long do you think a team should develop a no budget game. Or in other words, do you think a team should devote their a college year to one well fleshed out game, or perhaps work on multiple smaller titles for more diversity?

    I'll have more later

  5. @ Wintermute:

    1.That depends on the game your making and the skill set you poses. I have rudimentary to high skill in almost every direction. This allows me to make a decent prototype on my own, before getting extra artists/musicians or specialized coders.
    If you´re an artist (2d or 3d), its going to be difficult to create a framework for your assets without the help of a coder/programmer.

    2.I stared off moding (mainly Warcraft 3) and I learned a lot of useful skills. Its not a must, but I find the communities to be very active and helpful if you run into any questions.

    3.I would always do multiple small projects (especially to start off with). So much can go wrong, and it’s very frustrating if you find projects that’s been going on for months will be canceled. Furthermore you just learn so much more doing many projects, work in different ways, with different people, for different platforms.
    If a project turns out great, you can always up scale it later. Add more levels, features, get extra manpower, maybe even some funding!

    Making games is great. Making a living by making games is greaterer! ^^

    Hope I helped a little. Oh, and this might also interst you, seeing as you’re a teacher:

  6. The unreal engine has to be one of the best engines out there!

  7. definitely looks nice, good video

  8. I think this is one of the best engine licensing deals. I would have used UDK if the IDE was cross platform.

  9. I love to be informed about all this stuff. Even though I'm not a programer or game developer, it's nice information to have.

  10. naw, I served my years in the game industry, I'm done. I was just forcing you to share your thoughts and opinions with your readers. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders.

    Aside from having a "rudimentary to high skill in almost every direction." what do you think is important to break into the industry?

  11. Are there any decent free games that are available on this engine?

  12. Your blog is always full of good information. Thanks for sharing

  13. Well, the trailer was pretty convincing :x

  14. The unreal engine is really really good. Worth every dollar!

  15. Everyone should cut their teeth with the UDK if they want to get into this business...

  16. All the technological literacy I have is from your blog.

    I should just stick to Sharpies. :3