Sunday, June 12, 2011

Modding part II

Okay, moding part two... here we go!

Texture Moding in Morrowind
Players, who enjoy a game, will want to continue playing it ever after they have finished. Most of them will then replay certain scenarios, or play with friends or other people over the internet. Some of them however will start to mod the game. And this is important to realize when making games(!)

People WILL want to change things, even if you don’t provide an editor or a world creation set! Doesn’t matter how well protected you source code is, people will find a way to alter the game. So my advice; Don’t put anything in their path! Help them out, release the editor, and maybe a few tutorials. Warcraft 3(2002) and Morrowind(also 2002) are great examples of this! The modding communities are still very large active!

The games graphics are kept up to date, new missions are added, new items crafted. Here is an example of the morrowind mod, remember, this game is almost 10 years old now!

league of legends
the original DOTA
Many of you guys know “league of legends”, this to was a Warcraft mod named DOTA(defenders of the ancients). The guys that made the mod noticed that people played their mod over more than 7 years, and made a standalone game from their Idea!

See, moding is amazing.Have a great weekend girls and guys!


  1. It's great to see how much users can help the game.
    If I ever make a game that becomes really popular, I'll do my best to listen to my fanbase: listen to their suggestions, ideas and complaints. Depending on the type of game I might even add in support for mods.

  2. a game created from a simple mod. indeed amazing. :)

  3. Amazing how people have made their own games simply from modding others.

  4. I can still remember playing DOTA on Warcraft 3 awesome post.

  5. i like cs if that counts as modding

  6. Wow Morrowind is an old game but the mod looks beautiful. Dragon Age Origins is a game I seen with some amazing modding in it!

  7. i still play dota from time to time.. but i never played lol

  8. Very neat.
    Following, brother!
    Check me out!

  9. really like your blog, following!

  10. Modding keeps games going for years after they are released

  11. You should make games. I'd play the games you'd make...