Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spice Pirates

Hi girls and guys!
It’s great to be back! It´s even better to be back with good news!
“Spice Pirates” is coming out soon for the Windows 7 phone. I am part of the 3man Programming team of the game, and we´ve been working overtime to get the job done, before the ‘unreasonably’ early release date our Producer is aiming for. The first releases will we be an exploration game in which you navigate your ship around a ocean of sand, harassing traders and fighting other pirates.
The 2nd version will come out a later, and will have tows, cities upgrades etc..

You can see more pictures, concepts and the progress on our facebook page!


  1. Oi, that looks pretty good, great job man! I don't have a Windows Phone, but keep us updated on its succes and whatnot!
    I am considering making games for a living, so any information on how it all goes would be much appreciated ~

  2. sounds like something out of Dune.