Sunday, July 31, 2011

And the discussion continues..

„Media reports indicate retailer Coop Norway will cease to carry 51 gaming and toy brands following attacks that killed…“
 The same shit again. As soon as a shooting happens, the angry mob mounts the barricades calling for a ban on (violent) computer games. And once again, like all the times before, I do not think that computer games were the reason for the death of so many people.

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, was motivated by racism and an insane hate for humans. He planned the attack over 9 years! I strongly doubt he was sitting in his home, playing “Call of Duty” or “Counter Strike” and something inside him snapped... and had the urge to kill people. Although I’m not a fan of violent games, I do not believe they were the reason for this tragedy. I believe the fault lies entirely with Anders Breivik, the man was a racist, deranged psychopath.
My condolences to all the people, who lost friends and family at Utoya and Oslo.

p.s. Sorry for posting so seldomly in the last week. We’re re-releasing Spice Pirates with a huge content update and I’m in Uni from 8am till 10pm. just enough time for some food and a shower.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Interview with Cryptozoic, World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Developer


Cryptozoic Entertainment, the creative heads behind the trading card game based on the MMO legend recently gave an interview, before the upcoming release of Twilight of the Dragons…  god, what is it with this generation and twilight?
The trading card game has been labeled a huge success, with a fan base of many ages and ethnicities. The game is much like its MMO counterpart, it’s easy to learn yet difficult to master. Even newcomers to the trading card game scene get the hang of it fairly quickly and are enjoying themselves before long.
The thing that surprised me most is that the game does not only leach content from its big brother, but that the MMO has already devolved several items and spells based on cards!

Anyhow, the full article here

Friday, July 22, 2011

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Official Gameplay Trailer out

Hi there internets,

When the first official Skyrim trailer came out, I was the complete oposite to this guy to the left. It really annoyed me that they showed nothing of the acctual game.
Being a huge fan of Morrowind.. Oblivion was ok too.. Im really looking forward to this!

The new trailer, with ingame footage is below!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motion Capturing is Superfun

not us..

Hi people of the internet’s!

Over the last few days we´ve been doing animation at my university. We also got to play around with the motion capturing system: 6-30 cameras detect white blobs on the actors mo-cap suit and apply the movement to a 3d model in a virtual environment. It’s a whole lot of fun..

Just realized the post is not that informative… Anyhow, We had a great time!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Character Analysis:Link

Hey my favorite I-net People!

 The importance of a rememberable protagonist in a game franchise is of utmost importance. Hero´s that function in the virtual worlds, prove successful allowing the producers and game designers to create a sequel. There are countless examples of this, be it Mario, Link, the Master Chief or Guybrush Threepwood… The online Game design magazine Gamesutra recently published an article on Link, and why he is such a successful protagonist.

Link's continual cluelessness is understated, even when used to comedic effect. And it's not that naivete is necessarily a trait of his. In fact, he has few discernible qualities except the persistence and bravery he gains from being controlled by a player who persists. An unfazed and wide-eyed openness is simply the character's default expression.

Full article here

hope you enjoy the read!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starcraft Universe Mod

Hai Guys & Girls!

The first game play trailers for the Starcraft Universe Mod (formally “World of Starcraft”) are out on YouTube. They actually look quite impressive. 
 You can still see that a lot of the models have been reused or redesigned, so it lacks some originality... but overall it has a nice atmoshere to it.