Sunday, July 31, 2011

And the discussion continues..

„Media reports indicate retailer Coop Norway will cease to carry 51 gaming and toy brands following attacks that killed…“
 The same shit again. As soon as a shooting happens, the angry mob mounts the barricades calling for a ban on (violent) computer games. And once again, like all the times before, I do not think that computer games were the reason for the death of so many people.

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, was motivated by racism and an insane hate for humans. He planned the attack over 9 years! I strongly doubt he was sitting in his home, playing “Call of Duty” or “Counter Strike” and something inside him snapped... and had the urge to kill people. Although I’m not a fan of violent games, I do not believe they were the reason for this tragedy. I believe the fault lies entirely with Anders Breivik, the man was a racist, deranged psychopath.
My condolences to all the people, who lost friends and family at Utoya and Oslo.

p.s. Sorry for posting so seldomly in the last week. We’re re-releasing Spice Pirates with a huge content update and I’m in Uni from 8am till 10pm. just enough time for some food and a shower.


  1. That mthrfcker WHOOPED on Cho's record! Too bad he's not American, so it don't count~

  2. Pretty fucking sicko, that Breivik guy.
    But still, people always think of the cause AFTER the bad things happen. Haven't we learned?

  3. Hate the kneejerk reaction that video games are somehow involved.. they guy was a psycho, he spent more time writing his stupid little book than playing video games.

  4. @t Sub-Radar-Mike;
    Yup, quit right.

  5. Why do they blame video games so quickly

  6. It's fucking retarded. The guy even explicitly told people that he was just using WoW to communicate with other racist cunts, yet they're blaming it for his actions.