Monday, July 4, 2011

Gamers, we look after our own!

Hi girls & guys!

This week “the Escapists”, “ExtraCredits” artist Allison found out that she needed major surgery and her insurance didn’t think they had to pay(!) The “Extra Credits” team subtly asked for small donations… and got more than they asked for! Last time I checked they had over 484%, that’s over $72,500!

So, even though there’s no more need to support Allison, people are still able to donate to the fund and receive tons of cool stuff! You can even get James Portnow to come to your school and help you out with a game your making, so check it out if you have time!

This week’s episode was about “Race in computer games”, It wasn’t the  best..but if you´re a game designer you really should have a look at it because lets face it, Currently race in games is like the big book of stereotypes!

Keep safe, and get better Allison!