Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Save Gamer Culture

Hello Internet!
John Hardie, Sean Kelly , Joe Santu and other Digital Press members are planning a VideogameHistory Museum. Their vision: “a non-profit physical collection dedicated to preserving, archiving, and documenting the history of the videogame industry.
Every game made for every system, every piece of promotional material made for each game, every revision of every console with specific notes as to the differences, the design progression, etc.. As it stands today, our collection is well on its way to achieving this goal, but there are holes that can only be filled by making more and more people aware of our archive.
I personally think it’s important to preserve the roots of game design so game designers in the future can learn from the mistakes, but also the amazing game that have been made in the past. Furthermore it will make the medium seem more mature and make discussions about the topic possible!
Oh yea! Forgot my point... They still need donations to make it possible. Weird, that an industry that makes more money than Hollywood can’t support museums s dedicated to it.
… in other news.. weather in Berlin Sucks!
Have a great week Girls & Guys!


  1. yea id say its about time for the gaming industry to have a museum. Only makes sense.

  2. It certainly is time for someone to start such a museum.

  3. I'll have to check my bank account. Will donate if I can. Thanks for showing us this great cause!

  4. Game Culture has to be saved!

  5. stop pirating games, that's all

  6. That is an awesome initiative, and an awesome post.