Monday, July 25, 2011

Interview with Cryptozoic, World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Developer


Cryptozoic Entertainment, the creative heads behind the trading card game based on the MMO legend recently gave an interview, before the upcoming release of Twilight of the Dragons…  god, what is it with this generation and twilight?
The trading card game has been labeled a huge success, with a fan base of many ages and ethnicities. The game is much like its MMO counterpart, it’s easy to learn yet difficult to master. Even newcomers to the trading card game scene get the hang of it fairly quickly and are enjoying themselves before long.
The thing that surprised me most is that the game does not only leach content from its big brother, but that the MMO has already devolved several items and spells based on cards!

Anyhow, the full article here


  1. Still have trading cards from my early days, used to collect anything and everything.

  2. lol, nice card! :D
    and yea, I do have mine either

  3. Never been one for trading card games. If I ever get a poodle though, I'm naming it Deathwing the Destroyer.

  4. Never played those card games, got friends who have tho

  5. I've never played the game or with the cards, but I have friends who do... Never quite understood what's so great about it, myself.