Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extra Credits leaves the Escapist Magazine

bad new everyone,

After over a year’s work, in which the Extra Credits team brought out over 50 amazing episodes, they have now left the Escapist Magazine, and their videos can no longer been viewed on the page.
 The reason for this is that Escapist Magazine had not been paying the team for some time. The, at first did not stop the team, who still continued producing episodes for months. But when the team started to collect donations for a surgery( of the artist´s arm), the Escapist Magazine claimed that they were entitled to some (well actually a lot!) of the donations!

“We asked the guys at The Escapist if we could trade some of the debt they owed us for the rights to our intellectual property back if they weren’t going to be able to pay us so we could do things like sell t-shirts or write a book. We thought this was going to be an easy discussion. Instead they responded by telling us that they felt that they were entitled to 75% of the Rockethub money, thus their debt was covered and, despite not paying us for nearly a year, we owed them $9500 dollars”

full story here

The good news: The team is still producing new episodes, and will be airing them on their youtube channel here

All the best to the Extra Credits team!


  1. Thank goodness they're keeping their youtube channel alive.

  2. damn you, escapist magazine! >:(

  3. Never heard of them, but judging from their youtube they're pretty cool guys.

  4. the whole affair was rather strange, and not quite as one-sided as james made it sound.
    at least they've made it to PATv now.