Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trainee Trouble goes Online!

Hey Girls and Guys of the internet!

After 3 months of work Trainee Trouble is now online. A small group (including yours sincerely :D) stated the project as a joint venture with bigpoint, and they have also graciously donated server space to host the game. without further adieu, I presnt to you Trainee Trouble!



  1. This is me going critic-mode.
    The levels are a bit short, the jumping sound gets repetitive really quickly, and the music stops too abruptly at the end of the level.
    Still, it's good to see platformers like these are still being actively made. I thought they had kind of died out because people couldn't do anything original with it anymore.
    Welp, congrats on partaking in such a project!

  2. interesting post and blog!