Thursday, October 13, 2011

I.N.R.I.; now available on Kongregate

a screenshot of the gameplay
Hey Girls & Guys of the internet,

I recently uploaded a game to kongregate. It’s a small puzzle game, based on the rather famous bejeweled developed by PopCap games. I was playing around with hexagons and thought it might be a fun to program it. Everything went quicker than expected, and only took a week of work to complete.. So here it is:  I.N.R.I.



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hackers crack German government spy software

This week IT experts from the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) hacked german government spy software. They claim the conroversial software is capable of illigal activities, contains mutiple security flaws and "...appeared to be of shoddy quality".

The three-decade old German hacker group Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is claiming in a new report that that the German government has developed software to gather information from target computers. The software, which CCC refers to as Bundestrojaner or “government trojan,” can capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and record audio from sources like Skype calls. Most troulbing, CCC says that this piece of  ... (read full Article on