Thursday, October 13, 2011

I.N.R.I.; now available on Kongregate

a screenshot of the gameplay
Hey Girls & Guys of the internet,

I recently uploaded a game to kongregate. It’s a small puzzle game, based on the rather famous bejeweled developed by PopCap games. I was playing around with hexagons and thought it might be a fun to program it. Everything went quicker than expected, and only took a week of work to complete.. So here it is:  I.N.R.I.




  1. What language did you program it in? Hard to learn enough stuff to make this? Fun? Worthwhile?
    Post more about programming please! :D

  2. Language was Actionscipt 3. I worked in Flash Develop, not Flash tho. Its a free alternative for folks that dont have thousands of euros/dollars/moneis to spend on their hobbies :D

    Took me a about week to complete the code. (which is extremly short for a game. It´s more of a prototype)

    I´ve been messing around with programming, mainly actionsript3, for 2 years now.

    "Fun? Worthwhile?" Yup. I love almost every aspect of making games! coming up with the idea, writing the code & making the art is amazing. I often wonder why it took me this long to figure it out^^

  3. I've got to admit it's great to be able to do this, great bit of kit.

  4. gonna check it out, thanks. :)

  5. Oh neat, I haven't tried a Flash game in while. I might try yours out.

  6. Thanks for the info, I'll look into it!

  7. I was a little lost at the beginning. Perhaps encouraging the user to go through a tutorial might would help.