Monday, November 14, 2011

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Arachnophobia Mod

Just days after the official release of Skyrim , Luthien Anarion has uploaded a “NoSpiders” mod,  in which the spiders in the game are replaced by crabs or bears. In the newer version of the mod he has even replaced the spider loading screen, to make the game fit for anyone suffering from arachnophobia. The models still look a little out of place… and personally I find it a little weird that people are also afraid of digital spiders.

What next, a “Sunlight and grassy fields” mod for Bioshock, so that people suffering from claustrophobia can play? 

On a semi-related topic; If you are planning on buying Skyrim you might want to wait a bit longer. There are still a few bugs to fix, and it´s always annoying if a glitch causes you to lose items, quests or progress.
Hehe, the bears just reminded me of Oglafs flat bears, check her stuff out. The way she rips on fantasy and rpg culture is great! 

 have a great week!



  1. I played Skyrim with a friend of mine last weekend, AND IT'S SO AWESOME. Now I finally understand what all the hype is about.

  2. Oglaf is pretty funny if somewhat NSFW at times. :P

    Also, I know people who have arachnophobia who won't even touch a picture of a spider or a book that may have spider pictures in it. It can get that bad.

  3. I played Skyrim. When I met the big ass spider at the start quest, I got a panic attack and after that I had a fever for like 10 mins. THX

  4. I have arachnophobia and I'll probably get a mod like this once they become more polished. They're too detailed and when they're bigger than a human character...ugh. As it is I have to look at some other corner of the screen and pretend they're not there. Ha and then with the corpse-seizure bug, sometimes their dead bodies flail around in the water and are just the worst things ever.

  5. A phobia is an irrational fear... people who see this mod as ridiculous and that we should have to suffer the game with the spiders in them don't seem to understand this. My phobia is so bad that a spider plush doll makes me nervous, and pictures of spiders on the internet make me squirm in fright. God forbid anyone touch me with one of those dolls.
    I walk through the woods scared as hell, unable to enjoy a little stroll, because of these virtual hell-beasts.

    I'll enjoy this mod, and I thank the person who worked on it full-heartedly.